Wall of Fame

What is Arena ?

Arena is a quintessential platform to display our in-house creativity. A chance for the members to hone their skills while testing out their competitive skills in their respective areas of expertice and also to explore new ones.It is a 3 day bonanza, a celebration of journalism, literature and art. THEPC Hall of Fame has one purpose and that is to immortalize the best of the best.

Arena Wall of Fame

Here are the winners! Etched in the club's history books.

WINNERS ARENA 1.0 - 2020

Vaibhav Vijay

Editorial Winner: Vaibhav Vijay

Check out this interesting write up on - 'Why introverts are a blessing to the World' on our blog!

Aryan Malik

Media Winner: Aryan Malik

For a thoughtful picture on - 'COVID-19 and Quarantine'

Arman Joe Lyndon

Design Winner: Arman Joe Lyndon

For a video that introduces THEPC Arena to the world!