The Hindu Education Plus Club is an initiative of the prestigious newspaper - The Hindu. Recognizing the importance of excellent communication skills, sound reasoning, and the confidence to present one's ideas and opinions clearly. The club's activities are organized to make the process of learning English and increasing vocabulary an enjoyable endeavor.

The Hindu Education Plus Club is a student driven club and we believe that in order to be a better citizen one should also be a better communicator. The club is structured so as to make the prospect of learning exemplary literary skills through umpteen activities and competitions to increase student involvement. Our club undertakes activities that help students improve their English, their debating and writing skills, etc. The activities are carefully designed to increase the confidence of students, give them a potent platform where they can practice and communicate without any inhibitions, and impart industry-specific skills. Moreover, it motivates the students to think logically, express themselves with clarity and confidence, and work well in a team.