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The Hindu Education Plus Club(THEPC) is an initiative by The Hindu.
Estd. 26.08.2012


The Editorial department provides a platform to budding authors to hone their writing skills. The department publishes blogs four times a week, where writers can communicate their views on any topic.

Newsletter Publication

The Weekly Edge is a newsletter that THEPC publishes. It comprises of mainly four sections: News, Entertainment, Editorial and humansofvit. In the editorial section we have movie reviews and articles.

Media Coverage

The Media team works day in and day out to cover various events across campus. Sometimes combined with Editorial to create a documentation team to provide complete event coverage.

External Activities

THEPC is one of the few clubs that go to External Fests to represent VIT. We hit the literary events in cultural fests in a ton of colleges and win laurels in VIT's name. We put our skills to the test!

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Our Events

Events Conducted by THEPC from 2019 onwards

  • GraVITas '19


    Turncoat is a simple debate style event. The speaker prepares arguments for both for and against the given topic. They must switch their side on a buzzer sound. Best arguments for both sides wins

  • January '20

    Career Convention 5.0

    Career Convention is a series of seminars for students interested in higher education. Speakers from various institues come and give a detailed analysis on the different fields of higher studies whether it be abroad or in India.

  • Riviera '20

    The Escape Room

    The Escape Room is a team based hunt. A team is locked inside a room with a given scenario. In order to win, the team must escape the room by solving puzzles/clues inside the room. The team must do so in the stipulated time.

  • Riviera '20

    The Logo Quiz

    The Logo Quiz is quite self-explanatory. As the name suggests, various different brand logos are quizzed about and the participant with the highest score wins.

  • April '20

    THEPC Arena

    Arena is a quintessential platform to display our in-house creativity. A chance for the members to hone their skills while testing out their competitive skills in their respective areas of expertice and also to explore new ones.It is a 3 day bonanza, a celebration of journalism, literature and art.

  • April '20


    ParaWrite gives you a platform to elicit your inner journalist. Journalistic literature is of the utmost importance in today's day and age. Spill your creativity through ink and dot down your opinions

  • June '20

    State of the Unions

    State of the Unions is a platform to display your leadership, oratory and people management skills. This is a chance to showcase your diplomatic skills to the world.

  • July '20

    The Trial

    The Trial is an event where participants would give their stance on a controversial court ruling, that are based on real events. And, each case comes with a twist, to see if the participants change their stance.

  • July '20

    The Emoji Quiz

    An event that tests one's creativity and knowledge in the gen-z lingo, Emojis where former is tested with a quiz and the latter tested their ability to create a story with just a bunch of emojis.

  • September '20

    Creative Expression

    Creative Expression is an event that celebrates the World literacy day by encouraging participants to express their love for books/quotes and events from a book/author through any creative medium. The participants can use any medium of your choice - the limit is your imagination.

  • September '20

    The Fourth Estate

    A written debate competition on upholding of journalistic integrity and state transparency, to commemorate the internation day for universal access to information.

  • GraVITas '20


    Debating with a twist. An event that puts your skills to the test by making you fight for both sides of your scenario.

  • GraVITas '20


    Understand journalism by learning skills of research and presentation in drafting news reports from one of the biggest names in media, Mr. Abhigyan Prakash, Senior Executive Editor at ABP News. Let your debating, writing, speaking and understanding skills shine through Ex-Press-Ion.

  • November '20

    The Lost Mics

    On the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists, THEPC organized an Elocution Competition. The competition aimed at raising awareness regarding the same.

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Media Collaborations

The Team

The Board for 2021-2022.


Vrushali Deshmukh



Abhinav Gorantla

Vice Chairperson


Aaditya S Natarajan

General Secretary: Events and Management


Ankit A

General Secretary: External Affairs


Shreya Volety

Editor-in-Chief: Newsletter


Sneha Manohar

Editor-in-Chief: Blogs and Documentation


Vidhyalakshmi Venkatesh

Director of PR


Priyanshu Gaikwad

Creative Director


Nimish Aggarwal

Director of Media


Aabirbhab Naik

Director of Finance


Arman Joe Lyndon

Video Editing Lead, Media


Manya Prasad

HoV Lead

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